Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Welcome to an onrushing cornucopia of Calderdale Yoga Centre (CYC) flotsam, yoga lore and psychonautical ramblings. This blog is designed to offer all kinds of stuff to encourage your practice, extend your yogic knowledge and provoke a deepening interest in what it is to practice the ever-expanding set of practices we call Yoga in a postmodern world fractallising into craziness.

We live in an age wherein one either embraces the sacred or pooh-poohs it disdainfully out of a secret fear. I don't mind which camp you live in, or even if you're a nomad-you are welcome to discuss what yoga means to you here in Sun Moon and Fire. I ask that you refrain from flaming and trolling and respect the rules of non-harming and truthfulness.

Sun Moon and Fire refers to the three eyes of Shiva, by the way. I'll post up on that one sometime soon.

Namaste, Jon Pearson.

PS You are welcome to submit applications for a guest blog.